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Play Celebrity Santa for a chance to win cash for Christmas

win cash for christmas

This December, Fire Radio and Link Homes will be giving you the chance to win the money to pay for Christmas. 

All you have to do is identify our mystery Celebrity Santa.

Every day on Fire Breakfast with Maxine, we will play a clip of our mystery celebrity and their Christmas message.

fire breakfast

You then have to guess the identity of the secret Santa.

If you think you know, text the studio on 81400, start your message with the word FIRE followed by your name for your chance to win.

The jackpot will start at £50 and will increase by £50 with every incorrect guess. 

If you successfully identify our covert Claus you win all the money that has been accumulated and you'll be 'Ho Ho Ho-ing' all the way to the bank.


Incorrect guesses so far: 


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