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Ed Sheeran's comeback is happening on Friday 6th January 2017 at 5.00am

ed sheeran new album 2017

For some of us, New Year's Day was bleak, nursing the worst hangover of the year and going back to work the next festive milestone to look forward to.

Well, thank the music gods for Ed Sheeran, who chose this day to tease what's in store for us this year from him on his twitter account.

The album is rumoured to be called '÷' ('Divide'), which might be reference to the political situation we find ourselves in.

What we do know from the nine-second video, where the Bloodstream singer holds up a piece of paper which reads: 'New music coming Friday!!', is that we'll have it on Fire Breakfast as soon as it's out for you to enjoy.

Tune in to the brand new Fire Breakfast with Max and Jason from 5.00am on Friday 5th January for the latest from Ed Sheeran:

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